Imagine a community of Filipino women, from all around the world, who are all on the inward journey of discovering and embracing their Filipino identity, coming together to build sisterhood, have soul-filling conversations, step into their power and lift each other up.

  • Are you on a journey of reconnecting with your Filipino identity and roots?
  • Are you seeking a community of Filipino women who share your experiences, culture, drive and are on the same path of discovery & growth?
  • Are you diving into a calling, as a creator, entrepreneur, creative, social impactor or simply as your most authentic self, and can use the support of sisters?
  • Are you looking for simple, fun, daily ways to step into your power, with other like-minded Pinays?
  • Are you craving authentic relationships, a sense of sisterhood, where you can join safe spaces that welcome vulnerability and soul-filling conversations?
  • Have you struggled with embracing your Filipino identity and want to cultivate it and incorporate it more into your life?

  If this sounds like you...

Join the Filipina Soul Sisterhood Circle!

A community of like-minded Filipina women who are on a mission to dig deeper and rediscover the strength and beauty of their heritage together. This community is all about sisterhood, identity and growth.


What will you get?

Every month we will dive into a specific theme that helps us re-write what we've been taught about ourselves and step into our identity and power as Filipino women

  • A sisterhood and network filled with like-minded Pinays, journeying like you, offering one other support, expertise, resources, & community
  • A curated monthly curriculum centered in rotating themes
    • Monthly themes focused on: cultivating your intuition, liberating ourselves from old practices and choosing new ones, discovering individually what it means to be Filipina
    • Theme examples include: Self Admiration, Connecting with my Ancestors & Descendants, Tapping into the Indigenous Pinay, Thriving not Surviving, My Dreams are my Birthright
  • Weekly Journal Prompts and Guided Meditations related to the monthly theme
  • Workshops and Masterclasses led by other Filipina industry leaders, instructors, coaches, wellness advocates and more
  • Support circles where honest, soul-filling discussions are taking place
  • A local Pinay Tribe (in your city!)

Imagine a global community of Filipino women that heals generational wounds, uncovers individual and collective strength and celebrates Filipina identity. Imagine a sisterhood that cheers each other on in all their endeavors, one that inspires authenticity and encourages self-discovery. Imagine a circle of like-minded Filipinas who embody courage, resilience and vulnerability. Can you imagine yourself thriving into the future with this band of Filipina women next to you?


We seek to facilitate conversations among like-minded Filipino women by creating safe spaces to share our stories of discovery, struggles and victory. 


By means of themed monthly and weekly journal prompts, meditations, workshops, masterclasses, support circles and more, we intend to guide you on your journey to discover your most authentic self as a Filipino woman.


Our goal is to provide you with the necessary tools, encouragement and community to tap into the power of your heritage, rise and occupy spaces as the beautiful Filipina you are.


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